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Social Media

If you think it's just a fad, think back to the first time you heard about that "inter-web-net thingy." Just as the internet changed everything, Social Media, Networks and Marketing are here to stay.

Bill Geist has been on the cutting edge of the online revolution and enthusiastically shares trend data and tactics with audiences around the nation. From platforms such as Facebook and MySpace to mobile marketing, media sharing and Twitter, audiences get the real story on how others are utilizing these strategies and others to engage their target markets. And, Bill knows that everyone isn't keeping up with the Social Revolution...and that's okay. Because, if everybody was, you wouldn't be considering Bill to speak.


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We know that a portion of your audience doesn't get it, and he presents the opportunities being missed in an engaging, easy-to-understand style. Think of the last time somebody excitedly told you about a new product. That's what you get when you get Bill. An enthusastic friend wanting to share something new and cool.

Of course, that he can explain the opportunities to the uninitiated means he can engage a group that are active users just as easily. In these presentations, Bill goes much deeper in sharing case studies and examples of how destinations, businesses and individuals have harnessed the power of Social Networks and the rapidly exploding world of mobile content communication.

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