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Impact of Tourism

Tourism is Economic Development in one of its purest and fastest forms. And yet, here in the United States, it is often undervalued as an industry that provides jobs to millions of people, generates an insane amount of tax revenue for local and state governments and improves our quality of life.

Bill Geist is one of America's most passionate speakers on the topic of the Impact of Tourism. Whether it is keynoting a State or Provincial Tourism Conference, being the featured speaker at a DMO or Chamber Annual Event or testifying before government and community leaders, Bill drives home the message that Tourism is critical to our economy.


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And, he doesn't do it by rattling off the obligatory statistics that people seem not to believe. Bill makes the case using compelling examples from around the world of what happens when tourism marketing is cut...and when it is tripled. What happens when a destination gets serious about building something cool...and when they simply rest on their laurels. And, he'll throw in some funny tales from the tourism world to keep from coming off as morbidly strident. Because Bill can't resist the opportunity to make his audience laugh.

If you're looking for a voice to incite your community, region, State or Province to embrace tourism as a way to build an economy and enhance quality of life, there are only a handful of speakers that can. Bill is one...and he would love to add his voice to your destination discussion.

Click here for more VIDEOS of Bill in action.