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Customer Service

A fast-paced challenge to managers and employees alike. Are you following the traditional customer service maxims (like "the customer is always right")? You're NUTS! Bill Geist blows away the same ol' same old with ideas and examples of breakthrough customer service that are as much about marketing your unique strengths as providing an unforgettable experience…and placing your secret weapon (your staff) in a position where they can surprise the customer with unexpected experiences.

There's a reason why Southwest Airlines is known far and wide for their incedible customer service...and it has nothing to do with being a Fortune 500 company. Indeed, if big was a criteria for developing a breakthrough customer service culture, why are the other major air carriers such a dismal failure at this most basic of all sales strategies?


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In this lively trip through service greats and gaffes, your audience will learn:

• The importance of Managerial Selflessness in developing a Service Culture
• Ways to incite your staff to wow themselves...and the customers
• How to turn Surprise into a good thing
• How smart marketers are turning everyday drudgery into cool new service-oriented products
• How to turn your Signs into Customer Smiles

Bill will share the secrets of companies that have figured this customer service thing out...and show audiences ways they can capture the zeitgeist that is powering more and more consumer decisions.

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