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Board Leadership Workshops

Based on the book Destination Leadership for Boards, author Bill Geist leads CVB Boards through rapid-fire, half-day workshops to help redefine tomorrow's governance models for DMOs. From a fresh perspective on Board design and the nomination process to developing an understanding of the difference between the roles of Boards and Staff, Bill mixes compelling concepts from governance experts like John Carver and Doug Eadie with the political realities of today's Destination Marketing Organizations.

The first half of the workshop lays the groundwork for a wide open discussion of opportunities for Board enhancements during the second half. As no two DMOs are the same, there is no "one way" to approach CVB governance. Thus, we'll weigh the possibilities, opportunities and current political realities to develop guidelines and suggestions for Board consideration and approval. And, Bill follows up every session with a report full of recommendations so that nothing slips through the cracks.

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Call or e-mail Zeitgeist's High Priestess of Client Services, Terri White to check date availability for this paradigm-changing session.

Staff Marketing Workshops

Sometimes, it's about jump starting the thought processes of your sales and marketing professionals. If so, a Zeitgeist Marketing Workshop is just what the doctor ordered.

Bill Geist will spend a half or full day with your professional staff to serve as both a sounding board as well as an instigator of new ideas with which to power future marketing strategies. From reviewing online strategies to considering the future of time-tested tactics that may no longer be relevant, Bill will challenge your staff to focus on ROI and the best ways to connect with today's evolving clients and consumers.


Call or e-mail Zeitgeist's High Priestess of Client Services, Terri White to check date availability.