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Strategic Planning

As Yogi Berra once said, "If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else." That’s why Strategic Planning is critical for DMO & CVB Boards.

Fast-paced, inclusive, entertaining and educational...just some of the adjectives that clients have used to describe Zeitgeist Strategic Planning sessions for Convention & Visitors Bureaus, Destination Marketing Organizations and other economic development entities.

Zeitgeist specializes in one-day planning sessions that get to the core visions of organization stakeholders and create actionable plans for future success. Just as important, the sessions are designed to engender a real level of excitement and enthusiasm for participants about their role in the future of the organization.

What separates a Zeitgeist session for CVBs & DMOs from other strategic planners is based in over a decade of industry-specific experience combined with advanced training in organizational structure and growth. And, as we have hands-on experience in tourism and economic development, participants won't spend the first three hours bringing their facilitator up to speed on issues, politics or industry-specific lingo. Decision making can begin by 9:30, consensus on directions achieved by lunch and a roadmap established by dinner.

Our service includes pre-session interviews with organizational leadership, pre-session questionnaire to participants and stakeholders and an extensive follow-up document that includes Goals, Objectives, Suggested Strategies and Recommendations for implementation.

Coming to grips with the rapidly evolving nature of Destination Marketing has never been more critical. As DMOs re-assess their roles and responsibilities in their destinations, a Zeitgeist led Strategic Planning process will position your Board to leave a mark.